I prioritize teaching for Blockchain Training Alliance and working with local Seattle companies. I'm interested and available for work with non Seattle companies as well.


Week StartingDescription
2/17/2019Met with Ez from Blueberry Consulting, Met with Richard Piacentini, Thailand. Working on UW Masters program. Sending out LinkedIn offers. Thurs ETH meetup
2/24/2019Scheduled meetups: Hyperledger Seattle, Women In Blockchain lunch and evening
3/17/2019BTA: 3-day Live Web ETH class, scheduled 3/20-3/22.
3/24/2019BTA: 3-day Live Web Blockchain Solution Architect class, UTC+3, scheduled overnight 3/26-3/29.

Planning and Leads

Company/Group Contacts Tentative MonthDetails Next Steps
Blueberry Consulting
Seattle, WA
Ez and Charles active, every other weekRepeat 2h Evening Session, Business Blockchain, (Hyperledger) to new audiencecompleted 1st Meetup, 12/20. Planning a series and multiple intro sessions to different audiences
UW Information School
CoreConnex, Inc.
Seattle, WA
Frank Cokeractive, weeklyCo-Teaching 3 credit hour Masters level Blockchain class. Prepare for overview presentation
Seed Team
Seattle, WA
Tim Steines and Andrew Sengul every 2-3 weeksIntegrate Seed with Hyperledger Setup Install Seed on my laptop during next meeting.
PNW Blockchain
Seattle, WA
Seth Goldfarb and Matt active, weeklyProduction ETH Blockchain Meetup Project Filmed "What is a Blockchain?". Film more topics. Completed initial smart contract. Code js Web3 interface to execute from Wordpress
Hyperledger Seattle MeetupRich Bloch complete Presented Hyperledger install lab 12/13, 1.5hrs Completed
Mumbai, India
Bhavya Rao, Samuel Christa on hold 2hr web session on hold Create and send course outline before setting date, if I decide to do this
UW Blockchain Society
Facebook LinkedIn
Robert Lin, Akshay Chalana, Mark Conrad none help plan curriculum on hold. work lead when available
Sealblock, Sealcast
Seattle, WA
Seth Goldfarb, Stan Bounev none Completed video interviews Completed, re-work lead when available
Bellevue, WA
Suresh none Overview created and sent for lunch presentation for business groupsOn hold, re-work lead when available
Yoryo Technologies Pritham Bhat none Had 4x Skype meetings, last meeting 6 weeks ago On hold, re-work lead when available
PM AM Corporation
Dallas, TX
Archit Kumar none Reviews course material contact as needed when I have materials to review


Week StartingDescription
2/10/2019Met with Kellen Betts, Stan Bounev, Seth and Matt, Attended DragonChain + NEO meetup, Spoke with Suresh about teaching local C# MCP course
2/3/2019BTA: Taught 3-day WebEx ETH Developer course. Met with Mark Conrad Feb 7th
1/27/2019Attended Hyperledger Seattle Meetup, Met with Tim and Andrew from Seed Team
1/20/2019Met with Seth from PNW Blockchain
1/13/2019BTA: Taught 3-day on-site Hyperledger developer certification course for 21 devs at Thailand's largest bank, Siam Commercial Bank
1/6/2018CoreConnex, Inc.: Met with Frank Coker about co-teaching UW Information School masters program
12/30/2018New Years Holiday
Blueberry Consulting: Planning session for next Hyperledger Overview meetup. Targeting Bellevue College
12/23/2018Christmas Holiday
PNW Blockchain: Recorded Public Blockchain video converstaions
12/16/2018Blueberry Consulting: Prepared slides for Business Blockchain Overview with Hyperledger meetup. met with Blueberry team
Blueberry Consulting: Business Blockchain Overview with Hyperledger meetup is planned for 12/20. I'm the main speaker.
PNW Blockchain: Recorded 3hrs of video conversations on "What is a Blockchain to me?" with Seth and Matt
12/9/2018BTA: Taught 3 day Ethereum Developer course online through WebEx 12-14th
BTA: Passed Ethereum Developer certification
Hyperledger Seattle Meetup: Prepared slides and gave Hyperledger Install presentation 12/13
12/2/2018BTA: Prepared for BTA Ethereum developer class and exam
PNW Blockchain: Working on smart contract and javascript code to call Smart Contract
Hyperledger Seattle Meetup: Prepared for Hyperledger Install meetup
Attended Crypto Seattle Meetup 12/5
11/25/2018BTA: Taught 3-day Live Blockchain Solutions Architecture class using WebEx
11/18/2018Week long Thanksgiving Holiday in Las Vegas with parents
11/11/2018BTA: Taught 3-day Live Hyperledger class using WebEx
11/4/2018Planned 12/13 Hyperledger speech, Sealcast video was launched, Updated website with business plan and videos.
10/28/2018Created and delivered 2h Hyperledger Overview presentation to
UW Blockchain Society
Facebook LinkedIn
10/21/2018Presented at UW Blockchain society. Facebook LinkedIn Recorded session to Facebook
10/14/2018Sunday BTA: Presented 8am-noon at government conference with Learning Tree in Philadelphia.
Thurs-Sat BTA: Taught 3 days of live blockchain sessions in Sri Lanka for PwC to 7 banks and government communications company
10/7/2018BTA: Took 3 day Blockchain Security course
9/30/2018BTA: Taught 3 day live web blockchain architect course.
9/23/2018BTA: Taught 3 day live blockchain architect course in Texas.
9/16/2018BTA: Taught 4 day live Hyperledger course in the Philippines for a bank.
9/9/2018BTA: Taught overview course, live web based. + Attended Seattle blockchain conference
9/2/2018BTA: Took 3 days of Hyperledger training. Live web based
8/28/2018Working on this website. Attended Seattle Hyperledger blockchain meetups.
8/19/2018BTA: Taught Australian partner consulting firm about blockchain courses. Studied and passed BTA Hyperledger Developer exam.
8/12/2018BTA: Took 3 day live web Hyperledger class
8/5/2018BTA: Taught live 3 day Blockchain class to banking IT architects in New Jersey
7/29/2018BTA: Preparing for my first class
7/22/2018BTA: Studied and passed BTA Solution Architect exam
7/15/2018BTA: Took 3 day Blockchain Architect class


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